Karen Li

Karen Li

Operations Director
Manage Operations Department
8 Years
Personal Experience

She is fully responsible for the company's market operation and management, participates in the company's overall planning, improves the company's various systems, and improves the company's operation and management; organizes and completes the company's overall business plan; establishes the company's internal information system to promote the company's financial, administrative, and human resources management.

Professional Skills
Early Years

After entering the workplace for 7 years, She have worked on cashiers, receivables, payables, salaries, expenses, and general ledger for 1-2 years before being promoted to financial manager; after being promoted to financial manager, she will be transferred to the branch to manage administrative personnel and finance, and later in the company’s administrative personnel. Working for a long time, the most meaningful thing for me to manage the production department is that she can always have the opportunity to try different roles in the workplace at different stages, and she can constantly improve herself.

Career Guidelines

Details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything, mentality determines life

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