Danny Yin

Danny Yin

Project Manager
Manage Project Department
9 Years
Personal Experience

Since joining Responsy in 2010, Danny has grown from a project team member to a current project manager, and these years of improvement have given him the ability to be independent.

He always leads the project team on time and in good quality to complete all project work, it makes customers satisfied.

Professional Skills
80 %
85 %
95 %
95 %
Early Years

Danny started as a young engineer in the early days. After years of precipitation, he successfully solved multiple projects and then moved to Response. Now he is the project manager. As an excellent project manager, he can build efficient project teams, reduce project costs, reduce project risks, increase customer satisfaction, and improve enterprise productivity.

Career Guidelines

I have been working as a project manager for many years. I feel that the most important thing to do in this job is to understand what is appropriate to local conditions and to make the most of the situation. There is only the most appropriate. There is nothing right or wrong. The most taboo thing for project managers is the tendency of perfectionism, especially He came from a technical background and likes to find standard answers, which delayed the work progress and lost myself.

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