Linda zhou

Linda zhou

Planning Target Performance
15 Years
Personal Experience

Since joining Responsy in 2005, Linda has helped the company's business development, sales operations, and can strongly transform the plan into results. In Linda's time as Sales Director of company, Fully grasp the company's products and market conditions, and have rich experience in the development and maintenance of large customers.

Linda is a very planned person at work. She is also an avid listener of speeches. You can find her in various speeches.

Professional Skills
80 %
90 %
90 %
95 %
Early Years

Prior to joining Responsy, she spent 1 year at the LG, where she held a production management roles, make overall arrangements for production tasks, and specifically formulate plans for the variety, quantity, quality and schedule of production products. Now, she was Sales Director of the Dongguan Responsy Display Co., Ltd.

Career Guidelines

She is an industry veteran with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes operations, delivery, process improvements, mergers and acquisitions, and integration, as well as sales and business development.

She is responsible for all business arrangement. She is responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments — enabling growth, consistency, efficiency, and ensuring operational.

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